Walton SBH – at last!

Walton SBH – at last!

After three years when we were unable to run Walton Small Boats Head (stream, wind and then Covid) 550 crews from all round the country were again able to compete in Walton Small Boats Head on Saturday. The weather was kind: a bit chilly but very little wind, and the stream was well within the normal range for this time of year.

The standard of competition was high and many of the times recorded were well over 95% of gold medal speed. Overall winners were a Kingston junior double (Long) in a time of 9:42, an open pair from KCS Wimbledon in 10:04, and Reiser of Marlow in the singles, in 10:32.

Walton crews won five events: J18 singles (Richard), J17 pairs (Henry / Ben), J15 doubles (Alex M /Evan), J14 doubles (Charlie / Archie), and MasC doubles (Paul P / Adrian). Most of the other Masters events were handicapped, so denying Paul V and Salv their win!

There were also many second places, and we award silver medals in events where there are at least six competitors; so silver medals went to Harry (J16 singles), Fran and Rebecca (WJ18 pairs and doubles), Juliette and Park (WJ15 doubles) and Harry / Henry H (J16 doubles). Four third places as well, but none in events with 12 or more competitors.

Many thanks to all those who helped make the event possible (over 100 people in all!). Photos by Richard Hawes and Paul Jennings.