Join Walton Rowing Club

WRC membership is open to all. Application forms are available here on our website or at the Boathouse. Orientation is required for all new members, experienced or not, and includes a review of Boathouse rules and regulations, plus instruction if required in ergometer technique and instruction on the water. Please come down to see us on Sunday morning to schedule an orientation. There are loads of people around at about 10am. If you ask for someone from the committee we will be able to help you. Download an application form by clicking here (completed forms need to be left in the pigeon hole at the top of the stairs at the club).


Annual subscriptions and boat rack fees (where appropriate) are due on 1st January each year.

Membership subs and boat rack fees will be collected automatically from your bank account by direct debit. Please note that having a direct debit agreement set up between a member and the club is a condition of membership (and our system is fully covered by the direct debit guarantee Details of how to set up your direct debit will be emailed to you on receipt of your membership form, and before you are elected to membership by the club committee. Members may request to pay their subscriptions in monthly instalments but will incur a £3 per month surcharge. Queries about this can be directed to the Membership Secretary (  Rates for 2022 as as follows:

FULL 18 years of age or over £396
JUNIOR Under 18 years of age £312
STUDENT Those who are undergraduates of any recognised university or place of learning up to the age of 23 years £312
HOLIDAY Non-members of Walton RC who wish to row/scull during official holiday periods at school or university. £72
BOAT RACK FEE (1x) Boat Rack Fee includes an EA Boat Licence registration £195
STORAGE RACK FEE (1x) £97.50

A one off joining fee of £25 applies for all classes of membership, except HOLIDAY and SOCIAL applicants.

Family Discount: The first Full Member of a family must pay a Full subscription, after which the spouse of a Full Member and Junior Members of the family may have a 33¹/3% discount on their subscriptions. Family Discount is limited to Full and Junior Members.

Subscriptions are valid from 1st January to 31st December. If you are elected between these dates, your subscription due for the current year will be ‘pro rata’ for the balance of the year based on the current year’s rate. The ‘pro rata’ benefit does not apply to HOLIDAY membership.