The Bill and David Parry Memorial Fund is established to commemorate the exceptional contribution made to the sport of rowing, and to Walton Rowing Club in particular, by David Parry and his father Bill. It awards grants to young men and women to enable them to travel, both within the UK and overseas, for rowing training, coaching and racing. The current Trustees are Lesley Flowerdew (Club Treasurer ex officio), Rhian Browning, Paul Wilkinson and Mike Hendry.

The rules of the fund, and the application process, are given below:

1. The Fund is administered by Walton Rowing Club Ltd, a registered Community Amateur Sports Club. The assets of the Fund shall form part of the assets of the Club but may only be used for the purposes described below. If Walton Rowing Club is unable or unwilling to continue the roles described below, the Fund shall be transferred to the Rowing Foundation or an equivalent body.

2. The Fund shall be administered by not less than four, nor more than six, Trustees. The Honorary Treasurer of Walton Rowing Club shall be a Trustee ex officio, or may appoint a deputy to act as Trustee in his or her place. The remaining Trustees shall continue in office until they resign; however a Trustee may be asked to resign by a vote of the Committee of Walton Rowing Club. On the resignation of a Trustee the remaining Trustees shall recommend a new Trustee to the Committee of Walton Rowing Club, which shall not withhold its approval without good reason.

3. The Trustees shall have the power to invest the assets and to realise those investments and to do all other things necessary for the proper management of the Fund. They shall produce an annual statement which shall be made available to all donors, but shall not otherwise be held liable for the financial performance or returns of the Fund. The Trustees shall not be paid any fee or honorarium.

4. To be eligible for an award, an athlete must be under 23 years old at the time of application. Applications will be accepted from athletes who are not members of Walton Rowing Club, however successful applicants are encouraged to become members of Walton Rowing Club and to represent that Club in any event for which the award was made.

5. Awards may cover the costs of travel and accommodation, course fees or other expenses directly incurred in connection with the activity. The amount of any award is at the discretion of the Trustees, who are not obliged to make any award. Crews may apply but are unlikely to receive more than an individual applicant.

6. Applications shall be by letter written and signed by the young person, setting out:
– the location and level of training, coaching or competition to be undertaken;
– the age of the applicant(s), his or her achievements and demonstrable commitment to rowing and sculling to date;
– the costs which the award is expected to cover;
– any other factors the applicant thinks relevant.
There is no specific timetable for making and granting awards; however applicants are encouraged to give as much notice as possible to maximise their chances.