Walton Small Boats Head

Saturday 8th December 2018

Due to the high winds forecast on we have made the decision to cancel the event.

The refund of entry received by BROE2 has been made online. Hopefully you will receive your payment soon.

Any cheques received will be destroyed unless their return is requested.



Competitors, coaches and spectators please do not attempt to park in Sunbury Lane or Dudley Road, (including private road on the approach to the Recreation Ground gates). We have received many complaints from our neighbours in recent years, the local council has become involved and if we lose use of the rec and Cowey Sale then the event will not be able to run.

If you are dropping someone off who is boating from Walton Rowing Club, please do so at the Elmbridge Leisure Centre, Waterside Drive, which is only a short walk away.

There is ample parking for spectators in the Dudley Road Recreation Ground and at the Leisure Centre

If picking up numbers from WRC please park outside the BP terminal gates and leave as soon as possible.

Trailers arriving on the day may park in the Dudley Road recreation ground or the Cowey Sale car park, our use of which is restricted this year by the local council. Trailers should park at the Desborough Cut end of Cowey Sale as directed by the marshals. Entry for trailers will cease at 9am. If arriving for Div 2 and Div 3, please park in at the Dudley Road Recreation Ground.

If you wish to drop your trailer off on Friday please contact us and you can leave it in Sunbury Lane past the rowing club.

Please read the “Instructions for Competitors” by clicking the link below

Instructions for competitors and other visitors

Other event documents may be found on the links below:

Event risk assessment

Welfare statement

Marshals instructions

Radio communications protocol

Safety plan

The Start Order for Walton Small Boats Head 2018 may be found at the link below

Start Order

Details of the handicap events are here:

Handicap events 2018




Walton Small Boats Head is raced over a course of approximately 3000 metres, downstream from d’Oyly Carte Island, Weybridge, to Miskins Wharf, which is just upstream of Walton Rowing Club.

This year race will be held in THREE divisions starting at 10.00, 12.00 and 14.00

Second and third place medals for events with more than five and nine entries respectively

Competitors in J16 and above are encouraged to race in more than one event in different divisions, competitors may not race more than once in the same event.

Events are offered in combinations of the following categories which run across all three divisions:

1x / 2x / 2-

Open / Women’s / Mixed

Senior entries will be banded depending on the number of entries and personal rankings.

Unfortunately there won’t be a doubling up event for competitors wishing to race twice in the same category. BR rules still won’t allow it.

All Masters Cats , J18, J17, J16, J15, J14

  1. All competitors must be competent & capable of completing a 10k outing per division entered.
  2. Juniors under the age of 15 may not compete in sweep-oared events.
  3. We reserve the right to limit the number of entries in any division.
  4. Our distinctive medals will be presented on the day to the winners in all events where at least three crews have entered and to second or third placed crews as described above. The fastest crew overall in each boat type, open, women, mixed or junior, will be awarded a medal if there are under three entries in their particular event. Only one medal per entry.
  5. Masters categories may be grouped together and medals awarded at our discretion to give the maximum number of competitors the chance to race for a medal. Please state if you wish to race in the top band. Handicaps will be applied where appropriate.
  6. There will be a masters novice band for competitors typically with RPI less than 100. Obviously the crew should have no previous wins and not have raced in championship events at British Masters and other top events. Enter the masters category for the crew and state you wish to race as novice. Please respect the spirit of this category.
  7. Where a substitution is made to a senior or masters crew after the close of entries that would raise the band originally allotted to the crew it will be considered to be competing in the highest band.


Entry fees:      Sculler £12.00             Pair or double £24.00


Entries must be made via BROE and payments should be made via BROE or by cheque before the close of entries or your entries may not be accepted.

Please send cheques to: WSBH, 12 Felcott Close, Walton on Thames, Surrey, KT12 5NT. Please include entry details with cheques.

Entries close at 12 noon on Sunday 2nd December or when our safety limit has been reached.

Refunds for withdrawn entries will only be given if notice is received before the close of entries      

If you require further information email smallboats@waltonrowingclub.co.uk


This notice, the start order and results will be available on the Walton Rowing Club website, www.waltonrowingclub.co.uk as will any other notices and instructions concerning the race.