Walton Rowing Club Emergency Action Plan

In the event of a capsize

  • Stay with the boat: use the boat as a buoyancy aid and swim towards the bank
  • If the water is cold, get as much of your body out of the water as soon as possible, draping yourself over the hull; if you can, right the boat as this will make it much easier to move
  • If there is more than one person in the water, stay together; hold on to each other until rescued to provide mutual warmth and support and to help ensure all are accounted for.
  • Other boats in the vicinity should fetch help or a launch if one is available.
  • If there is no safety boat in the vicinity, a coach or person on the bank should radio or telephone the club (01932 219 175) to summon the safety boat

Medical emergency on the water (e.g. a crew member being taken seriously ill or becoming unresponsive)

  • Raise the alarm immediately; ask another boat, a householder or person on the bank to dial 112
  • Row to the nearest location where a safe landing can be made and bring the victim ashore (very little first aid can be given in the boat)

First aid and defibrillator

  • There are well-stocked first aid kits in the boathouse (bay 2 close to the gym entrance), in the kitchen and in the office.
  • An AED (automated external defibrillator) is located in the gym; in case of possible heart failure, open the lid, turn it on and follow the instructions. The victim and rescuer must be dry and on a solid surface for the AED to be used.

Emergency telephone numbers

There are lists of emergency telephone numbers in the boathouse (close to the front door), in the kitchen and in the office.  Dialling 112 (rather than 999) will automatically give the emergency services your location, whether you are using a mobile or fixed-line telephone.

Taking charge

Where possible, the relevant squad coach, crew coach or co-ordinator shall take charge of any incident; other members present should make themselves available to assist on request rather than acting independently.  No-one should leave the site of an incident until it is resolved, unless they are asked to do so (e.g. to fetch help).

A report of any incident (including date, time, location and all those involved) shall be made using the logbook in the club and the appropriate online form.