The Club is actively looking for corporate sponsors; sponsorable activities range from a few hundred to several thousand pounds.

Rowing is a healthy sport with a high profile at national level because of the success achieved by British crews in recent Olympics and World Championships, and at local level because of the prominence of the river in Walton-on-Thames. Walton is a very successful club with an extremely wide membership, from 11-year-old boys and girls up to over-70s with international experience; we have an attractive and well-positioned boathouse with good scope for corporate events.

A sponsor would gain association with fitness and healthy activity, and supporting local organisations. In several cases there would be an association with competition, success and adventure. Among the activities which could be attractive to a corporate sponsor would be:

Activity or area for sponsorship What would a sponsor get?
Advertising and website Name on website, advertising and materials
School partnerships Name on materials used with schools and pupils.  Mention any time the partnership is publicised (e.g. competitions).
Junior and adult beginners’ courses and coaching Name on everything to do with the courses; mention any time the courses are mentioned in PR, club communications etc
A  development squad (e.g. under-14 or 15-18 boys or girls, Masters) Name on coaches’ tops/gear, kit-bags or training-tops.  Mention any time the coach or crew is mentioned in PR.
Racing crews (especially junior GB triallists etc) Name on racing gear / trailer; mention in local publicity
Local events (on and off the water) Opportunity for company teams/crews to enter, name prominent on event materials
Walton Small Boats Head (one of the largest events of its type in Britain) Name on all event materials: on website, printed etc (or could sponsor a category rather than the whole event)
Boathouse or an area within the boathouse Plaque in that area.  Where the sponsorship involves provision of materials (e.g. low-energy lighting, security systems) the Club will work with the sponsor to provide photographs or quotations to support a release.
Newsletters Banner name on top and/or bottom of newsletter + mention
Boats Name on boat