Fours Heads

Fours Heads

Conditions at the weekend were not as bad as forecast, but the gusty wind made racing on the Tideway at least as challenging as usual.

On Saturday this seems to have led to some bad-tempered clashes, fortunately not involving Walton crews. On paper, the best result was from the men’s Challenge quad (Sam, Crispin, Jan and James), who came third second! in their band and 48th overall. But the four junior crews racing in the championship bands all did creditably against top-quality opposition: 8th in Junior 4x, 5th in Junior 4-, W4x and W4-.

On Sunday, the E4x of Neil, Glyn, Mike B and Richard A and F4x (Dave C, Richard T, Roger and Mike E) both came second in their classes, while the WD4x (Jane, Fiona, Jo and Carol) and D4- (Ali, Matt G, Peter K and Andy T) both came third.

Saturday photos by Ben Rodford (W4x) and Jet Photographic (remainder)