WSBH winners

Congratulations to all the Walton winners at Walton SBH on Saturday:

Ardan Suphi & Thomas Philpott in J15 2x
Michael Cleary & Navid Mohamadzade in J17 2-
Patrick Cleary & Ethan Robinson in J14 2x (with two other Walton crews coming 2nd and 3rd)
Ed Wilkinson & Ben Harris in J16 2-
Alex Poole & Maddie Jackson in WJ15 2x
Emily Kean & Gill Shaw in WMC 2x
Andy Eaton & Lizzie Gill in MXMC 2x
Lesley Flowerdew (Women’s Masters novice handicap winner)

We also had two Walton-grown winners racing for Pangbourne College: Rory Harris in J18 1x and Katie and Nina Giambrone in WJ18 2x.






All pictures copyright Iain Weir / Rowing Photography