Club singles and racking

Club singles

In response to a number of requests, we have put together a list of the club singles listed by weight category and location in the attached file. There is around 5kg of tolerance at either end of the weight range if you can’t find one in the exact size, but we should have enough to cover most of you on any given day. Please make sure you take note of the boat tags colour-coding and contact your coach or squad coordinator if you wish to take out a white tagged boat.


Many thanks to Neil and Robin for tidying up and re-organising the compound racking and boat ties over the past few weeks. The racking has been adjusted to make boat access easier and you should note that all the racks will shortly have the name of the boat stuck on them to make sure that boats go back on the correct rack. All the boats will also be marked with “rack” wording on the hull which needs to be aligned with the racking pole when returning the boat. Please also make sure that all boats in the compound are tied down with the new elasticated ties at both the stern and bow and report any that are missing. We had an expensive repair bill for a boat that blew off its rack recently as a result of this being ignored.