The basic rules for Coxes, Steerspersons and Scullers on the Walton & Weybridge Reach follow the standard rules of the river:

  • Keep to the right at all times (facing the direction of travel)
  • Keep your blade ends approx. 2m from the bank when going upstream
  • Keep in the right hand half of the river when going downstream
  • Slower boats must keep close to the bank to allow overtaking
  • Faster boats must overtake nearer the centre, and only when it is clear
  • Always shout “LOOK AHEAD” if another boat hasn’t seen you
  • Only stop in safe places where you are not obstructing other boats
  • Only turn when it is clear, and immediately go over to the other side

See the Map of the Reach for the main danger points.

At a meeting in 2002 all clubs and schools on the reach agreed to follow a standard circulation pattern and a common set of rules. These can be found here.

See also the presentation “Campaign for Better Steering” for the Club’s own guide to best practice.

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