WSBH handicap events

At the risk of causing some confusion but in order to give as many competitors as possible the chance of winning a medal the following handicap events will be run at WSBH 2017:

Masters A, B, C, D, E novice 2x.
Masters mixed D, F, G 2x.
Womens masters F, G, ENV 2x.
Masters C, D 2-.
Masters E, G 2-.
Womens masters B, C, D, E 2-.
Masters A, B novice 1x.
Masters E, H novice 1x.
Masters I, J 1x.
Womens masters A, D, F novice 1x.
Masters G, H 2x.

These are in addition to the regular events with first place medals awarded to winners of events with three or more entries.
Therefore masD 2- and masE 2- will still be events, only one medal may be won per entry.
Handicaps will be taken from the British Rowing masters handicap table.