Walton RC Incident Form

Walton RC Incident Form

2 thoughts on “Walton RC Incident Form

  1. Judy Sarsby

    Twickenham (118) kept us (Wey 119) on the buoys from about blue bridge up refusing to move over. I heard 3 umpire calls for them to move over (thank you) but only when we clashed did they eventually move over allowing us to pass. I know it won’t improve our time on Christchurch (117) who were the oppo we wanted to beat but as I just heard this has happened before (with Twickenham) if they are penalised they may think twice next time.

    We’ll run Head, thank you.
    Judy Sarsby
    Weybridge RC

    1. Mike Everington Post author

      Hi Judy,
      Your comments have been passed on to the chief umpire who will hopefully be replying to your complaint.
      The umpires are independent of WSBH and WRC.

      Best wishes
      Mike Everington

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